Cyber Engineering Services

Your enterprise has challenges that require engineering skills that are applied to AI problems in Operational Technology (OT). We promise you a commitment to your specific culture, standards of regulation and way of doing business. Success is built on taking large deliverables and breaking them down into terse well formulated goals that you can purchase and measure with clear accountability from AI Engineering.

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Why Choose Us

Innovation is incredibly difficult, but our firm can drive systematic progress for AI, AR, modeling and sensor fusion given our extensive background in cyber operations capability and delivery success.

Product Development

Our engineers specialize in automation and enterprise solutions to help with tuning, deployment and configuration of existing platforms.  Our specialists help you get the most of commercial products with a DevSecOps mindset in the sales process. 

Test Solutions

Your environment is vital to your business. The network transmission and application configuration management is locked to prevent any and all anomalies.  Allow AIE to stand up a test bed for your system that is abstracted from your network.

Security Assessment

The risk within the supply chain determines a high level of maturity in your cybersecurity posture needed to take ownership of any product or system.  We help with independent documentation and continuous workload. 

Why Choose AI? Why Choose AIE?

We cut through the jargon and focus on taking our engineering and cyber operations success and turning it into a value add scenario. When we undertake large scale deployment and complex automation projects, we consistently thrive within our peer group because of our willingness to approach each problem as if it were a problem in our own business. 

Data Driven

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All of our products and services revolve around the commodity of the future, which in our eyes is refined data. That is why many people call Data the new oil.  Data must be extracted and refined to take advantage of operational insights, benefits and process optimization. We capture this idea and make it real. 


Taking Action

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At AIE we take action. Businesses utilize our skills in predefined engagements where AIE’s task is to take a strategic decision and run with it. When firms are taking on large AI challenges maybe they need a few key aspects handled by AIE or maybe they are considering full SaaS solutions. Across the landscape we are your trusted partner.


24/7 Availability

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We staff one desk 24/7 to support our global clients. Feel free to contact us and we will have an engineer calling your back as soon as possible. Our 24/7 admin can answer and take action on certain cases as well. 

AI Consulting Packages

      AIE aims to maintain its operational capabilities as a thought leader in the AI space. Our R&D teams dedicate time to remain on the forefront of the industry, to stay sharp as well as certified in our areas of operation. You will find that this is what we do best and having one of our staff members on your project will prove to be a clear force multiplier.


  • Customize Cyber Assets (Software, Hardware, Middleware)
  • Security analysis, testing, verification and documentation assistance 
  • Dedicated Managed Service Provider (MSP)
  • Value Added Reseller (VAR) style support
  • Other bespoke services

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AIE is excited to be a trusted partner in your cyber operations tasks. Our efficient staff is ready to help you maximize your investment into AI.