The Future Of Government Contracting

AI Engineering efficiently federates systems, interfaces and IT/OT service via the introduction of ethical- explainable artificial intelligence. While promoting next-gen cryptography, our team provides effective yet standardized enterprise cyber assets. We service systems that provide premier process automation capabilities with minimal impact to continuous development across your domain. 

Why Choose AI? Why Choose Us?

When your team obtains an agreement with us we know that success is the only option. Our world class delivery method uses best in class transmission security so that we confirm all assets are safely sourced and activated in your environment. We vet each distributor and conduct all sales calls and messaging in a segmented zone. 

Free Guidance

We encourage you to reach out and ask your questions so that we can offer whatever insight we can to your enterprise. We will share what we can from our elite past performance experiences. 


Interface deployment

It is often the interconnection between cyber assets that cause the most difficulty. Our #1 skill is systems engineering integration. 

How 4PL Works

This is what a typical contract process looks like at AIE where we slowly build our relationship with your operation to gain trust and take on more cyber 4PL (Fourth Party Logistics) roles.


Set Up A Consultation to discuss past performance


Get listed in your procurement data


Bid on fair and open contracts against current vendors


Win business predicated on delivering high value assets

Let’s talk smart procurement and acquisition.

The supply chain is vital to your organization. Cutting down on the tedious and mundane aspects of acquisition is our big challenge. We aim to innovate and deliver at lighting speed.