Legend in the house

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Legend in the house

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My question to Neil at this event was how do you know that you know something? He replied it was very "Meta" and that we really do know what we know. I would have loved to see this epistemology discussion go down between him, Plato & Kant. 

Following your north-star in business is the reason we are in B2G SaaS. Even if our B2B platform works better than 99% of legacy integrators, our breakthrough in the federal market really validates our credentials to both agencies and our providers.

There are so many gatekeepers who are in place to vet and test you for good reason, however you just have to know your value. Thanks Neil deGrasse Tyson for the words of wisdom at Saint Francis College in Brooklyn that morning!

Also I am a huge fan and encourage you to read and rate his new book on Amazon along with thousands of others.  ( Letters from an Astrophysicist ) 




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