Artificial Intelligence Engineering

 We deliver decisive and synchronized technology. Committed to integrating hybrid intelligent automation , we manage your spend on systems engineering equipment and software by assisting with migration and renewal of premier technology. 


AI Enterprise

Our firm modernizes the enterprise capability by moving it forward to one architecture that is integrated, efficient, interoperable, flexible,
resilient & sustainable to support the dynamic AI enterprise management infrastructure.

SYSTEMS Engineering

Upgrading to the cutting-edge is a complex endeavor, with different platforms for each task that your operation handles. AI Engineering helps your team integrate secure Cloud, Crypto, and Optimization assets in one place and in one uniform way. 

Contract Procurement

At AI Engineering we sell all new, innovative solutions that enable a scalable, sustainable, interoperable & integrated suite of data exchange capabilities and apply multi-disciplinary architecture, systems-engineering, integration processes .

Procurement solutions

Upgrading to cutting-edge systems is a confusing endeavor with different apps for each task you handle. We are a cyber vendor that helps IT and OT admins handle the procurement of assets in one uniform way.

How AIE Works

We drive the early adoption of, migration to and or management of AI cloud infrastructure. We sell software systems, mobile-data and cloud-adoption services for the introduction of ethical artificial intelligence, while promoting safety through strong cryptographic security suites. Our firm respects legacy values as a basis for evolving into innovative approaches, namely the research of practical applications of AI/ML.

Why choose in AI Engineering?

We get engineers and administrative personnel back into the strategic leadership role as we did for the world class forces of the Air National Guard in New York to ensure their Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) was compliant and available. Choosing a firm that facilitates rationalization, consolidation, improvement efforts in technology deployment allows the team to focus on actual goals, not IT project delays.

Fast and Global

We maintain a rapid capability to support top tier technical readiness levels that our customer base demands.  It is key to our success that all of our systems remain ready to deploy at a moment’s notice.  



We  use cutting edge tools that are proven to be reliable in your environment. Our DevSecOps team maintains awareness of new cyber assets entering the market so we can ensure AIE offers next-generation software and toolkits.


With today’s increasing attack surfaces across the enterprise there are no shortage of elements in the supply chain that could be harmful. We firmly intend to combat this risk and reduce this threat for our partners and teams. 

Guaranteed Operations

OT environments are simply not able to lose availability and the perimeter of what is considered OT is growing each year. Hybrid systems that require zero-trust and zero down time are our speciaalty. 

Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance

Are You Looking Dive Into AI?

Current Market Analysis

Challenges surrounding artificial intelligence are not new, but today there are increased risks which require an organization to be cognizant of their current technology while extending investment. We know assets need to translate into measurable value. What aspect of AI and machine learning can we help explain to your specific business culture?

Artificial Intelligence Engineering

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What Our Clients are Saying

Our team needed a smart platform to assist with intelligent management of client data.  We were overwhelmed with the details of activating services and dealing with the provider however, AIE’s relationships and project team served our business extremly well.  

Kristen Chandie

Manager of Chandie Real Estate

AIE helped us utilize AI insights for our orchestration of BYOD policies. They came in well under budget and realized true value for our investment and cyber security posture. 

Mark Hansen

Brightwater Systems, Engineering Department Mgr

Ready to make your AI engineering and cyber goals a reality?

What data-centric problems do you face that would benefit from more agility and faster results? Allow our engineers to offer new courses of action for your next strategic project.