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Cyber Operations Cloud 518210

We are the preferred expert for Systems Engineering and Tech Assistance (SETA)

Committed to integrating professional assets for hybrid intelligent automation , we manage your spend on Cybersecurity, Engineering & Cloud Software that reduces friction for both migration & renewal. 

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Artificial Intelligence Engineering Limited Liability Company

Why AIE?

We assist your staff during all phases of the system development lifecycle to safely source, activate and manage system assets. 

Cyber Operations

The company’s core goal is to reduce migration friction while reducing overall expenditure.


We align and commit to your mission. We focus highly-credentialed engineers on communicating to IT & OT Teams.

Upgrading to cutting-edge systems is a confusing endeavor with different apps for each task you handle. We are a cyber vendor that helps IT and OT admins handle the procurement of assets in one uniform way.

Healthcare AI and ML Model Development

AI and ML Model Management Algorithm and Model development

API's and Plug-Ins management Audio and Speech Recognition

Attended and Unattended Automation Services

Code Repository Support

(Git/GitHub) Collaboration Support

Computer Vision Services

Data Preparation Support 

Data Transformation Services 

Data Visualization Services

Deep Learning Infrastructure Services Evaluation, Testing and Monitoring

Geospatial and Temporal Analysis

Government Centric Application Support

Graph Network Analysis

Intelligent Automation Services

Natural Language Processing Optimization

Model Development Planning and Scenario Modeling

Recommendation Systems

Reverse Engineering

Bayesian and distributed learning

Computational intelligence

Data-driven adaptive systems

Data-driven models

Multimodal data fusion

Multiset data analysis

Perceptual signal processing

Cognitive information processing

Classification and pattern recognition

Nonlinear signal processing

Graphical models and kernel methods

Multichannel adaptive signal processing

Kernel methods and graphical models

Sparsity-aware learning

Subspace/manifold learning